Division of Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science

Students learn about the various kinds of machines that sustain modern high technology and about the materials related to them.

Division of Materials Science and Chemical Engineering

Chemistry Course
This course conducts cutting-edge, wide-ranging research and education based on chemistry.

Materials System and Design Course
In this course, students study materials while also taking such social needs as the environment, energy and safety into consideration.

Bioprogram Course
Based on the achievements in modern biology – from basic biology to genome science – this course cultivates researchers who will forge the future.

Division of Civil Engineering, Architecture, and Marine Technology

Department of Civil Engineering
Students comprehensively study the basics of civil engineering – structures, hydraulics, geotechnical engineering, planning, concrete – and environmental management.

Department of Architecture and Building Science
Students study all fields related to architecture, such as materials, construction methods, structural engineering, ideas, the arts, cities and environmental space.

Department of Systems Design for Ocean-Space
Course of Systems Design for Ocean Space Classes on aerospace engineering are incorporated in a curriculum focused on shipbuilding and ocean engineering, enabling students to grasp the subject of space in its totality, from the oceans to the space.

Division of Electrical and Computer Engineering

This division covers electricity, electronics, and computer engineering. Students gain a broad and deep understanding of the highly reliable kinds of technology demanded in today’s information society.

Division of Physics

Using the techniques of physics and employing computer science as well, students grapple with developing new technology.